Workers Compensation

Making Workers Comp Audits Easy

When we think of audits, especially audits associated with workers compensation insurance, they hold a negative connotation. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to a successful audit starts when you first take out the insurance policy.

Workers Compensation

Workers Comp Premium Dollars And Cents

The Typical Situation: At renewal time, you receive a Workers Comp (“WC”) renewal quote from your insurance broker and maybe a few additional quotes from other carriers.

Home Healthcare

Business Insurance After COVID

Your home health clients deserve the safest conditions whether at home or on the go. Transporting your clients will bring with it a special set of challenges


Top 3 Safety Risks for Dementia Patients

Caring for those with dementia can be a special challenge. Without the right safety measures in place both caregivers and patients can be at risk.